Sacred sexuality practice for women to release shame, explore the multi-dimensional nature of sexual energy, and harmonizing the connection with spirit.


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I'm Michal. My personal journey of self-healing began 20 years ago. A few years later I was given the teachings about sacred sexuality and integrated them into my life since then.


I have gathered many important learnings which I can now couple with these teachings. And I'm still learning; this journey has no end.



Why should we integrate it in our lives?


Sacred sexuality for women is a practice that takes us on a journey inside ourselves, free from the outside world. We are encouraged to get in touch with deeper light in our being while clearing our energy field.


This practice harmonizes the communication between all our levels, thus being a powerful transformational force towards self-realization.


My offer to the Sisterhood of the rose groups


I offer a three-month program via weekly zoom meetings. Teachings and Q&A meetings are interwoven to integrate the teachings profoundly. We go through different topics: shame, trauma, our subjective sexual being, raising energy, the paradox of a relaxed mind with high energy states, and more.


Book a free 20 minutes call to see if this program serves you.

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